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8 Tips to Creating Your Vacation Story

Going on vacation soon? Want to capture those special moments, places and memories? Here are a few tips to help you create your story and capture those memories. I always like to have my pictures and scrapbooks tell the story, and I can’t wait to do some scarp booking again soon.

  • This may sound silly but make sure you have your battery(s), charger, memory cards and any other camera accessories you may need. Yep, I’ve left the charger behind before.
  • Perspective – taking a site seeing photo or family photo look at things differently. Shoot from high, low, an angle, get in close, zoom out, and move around don’t standing in the same place and take these shots. You don’t have to keep all those photos, only your favorites.


(Here I took the shot from a balcony looking down over the pool area covered in palm trees)

  • Think in terms of a story – Introduction, Body, Conclusion
    • Take an introduction shot – a sign, landmark, brochure, hotel – start the story.

    Copy of IMG_1914

         (The entrance to the park, this will be the beginning of the scrap book with a short story about our trip)

  • As you go through your day take several snapshots of the sites, family, close-ups, signs, patterns, color, unique vegetation. This is the body of your story
  • Take your end shot – what was the last thing on the tour, that you did that day?
  • Now you have a story of images for your scrapbook, maybe a wall display but most of all you have the story of that vacation captured.
  • Be candid – take fun, candid, un-posed shots. Capture the eyes, smiles, tears, screams – the emotion and personality of the vacation.
  • Locals – try to capture images that represent the local culture and the heritage of your destination. This could be the people, the architecture, the shops, the grocery store or market, there are so many things that define a destination.


(The sign of the local restaurant we love)

  • Details – get in close and capture the small pieces of objects, signs, brochures. Look for repetition of a pattern, texture, color, small pieces of the details. These can make for great backgrounds in scrapbooks or compliment the collage you can create later.
  • Lots of Pictures! If shooting digital don’t be afraid to take lots of pictures, you can delete them later but the more you take the better images you’ll get.
  • Ever go on vacation and never get that family shot with the landmark in the background? Don’t forget to capture the family with landmarks, signs, or whatever you want to remember in the background. Take the landmark shot but make sure you get the family there too.

church-clsup+texture copy

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Have a great vacation and get those shots! Until next time, Julie

Can you make a positive impact on your day, every day?

I have a challenge for you, can you make a positive impact on your day every day? I have been surrounded by some negativity for some time now so last year, about three months after I was told I would have to have heart surgery, I decided that it was time to be positive again.

See I have always been a ‘glass is half full’ type of person and these negative thoughts running through my head, the negative influences around me and some other junk stuff had to stop. I needed positivity again, I needed to have a smile on my face and to just feel like things were going to be fine again. SO I changed my thoughts, I woke up daily with a good thought or something I was grateful for. I made sure I surrounded myself with positive people and removed the negativity from my life. It was amazing but in no time things looked up again, my thoughts became positive and I focused on the good. I was trying to live in the moment in lieu of looking at all that was ‘wrong’ with everything in the world. This REALLY worked!

Well let’s speed up to just the other day now. I have had some not so great thoughts again because of some personal circumstances, some close friends really struggling through some horrible stuff and just these cold dreary days – yuck….it was happening again – negativity was back…time to run! I am not kidding you that every blog I read that day in my feed (at least it seemed that way), every quote I looked up for a project I’m working on, tweets on twitter, posts on Facebook, even one of  my photos I pulled up, were about being POSITIVE. Being GRATEFUL. Looking at the BLESSINGS. Stop having the pity party, stop looking at the bad and dig around for that positive. Now just to be clear I’m not looking or feeling down or full of negativity I was just feeling really bad and a little down for some friends.

These signs would not stop popping up in front of me – ALL. DAY. LONG. This made me start thinking, what if everyone, for 30 short days, would look for the good, look for the positive, look for the blessings in front of them. Because truly there is always something in our life that gets us down, there is always something to deal with – big or small. So if you put into practice now the positive thinking imagine what will happen when you really need those thoughts, when you are really struggling through something that is hard for you. Think how much easier that thing may be to handle. Think about the smiles you will give out that could help someone else, think about the kindness that will happen in the world, think about how good you will feel. SO I challenge you, for just 30 days, to look at the glass as half full. Be POSITIVE. Be GRATEFUL. Here are some ideas to help you start:

  • Wake up and smile, look in the mirror and smile. Doesn’t that feel good?
  • When you first wake up state out loud three things you are grateful for, even write them down.
  • Call a friend to see how they are, do they need a helping hand today?
  • Write down on a note that is handy – “but it doesn’t matter” (or another similar phrase) – when that negative thought pops into your mind add “but it doesn’t matter”. Example: I’m so tired and don’t want to exercise, I’m so overweight it will never come off. BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER I will exercise and it will make me feel better.
  • Journal – write down all the negative thoughts and stuff, then cover it up with art, this can be so freeing.

This a great article to read –  http://www.marcandangel.com/2014/01/08/8-things-to-remember-when-everything-goes-wrong/

Give it a try, leave a comment about something that works for you, most of all enjoy each moment.


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Until next time, Julie

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