Photography is my medium of choice. I combine photography and digital artistry in all my work. The use of color is used to invoke emotion and create a piece that will enrich the environment. Each one of us, is full of beauty, and I try to portray that in each piece I create, portrait or fine art. 


Each piece is to be artistically inspired, thoughtfully conceived and technically executed. I desire as much control over each aspect of my work as I can get. From the scene I create, to the digital artistry I am controlling it with a vision in mind. 


My images speak to my vision, either reality or a fantasy. Without vision, all a photographer has is a documented scene in a photograph. I want to challenge myself and the viewer to form an impression and an opinion on each piece of work.


The story may be created by me but the emotion belongs to the viewer. 


"Art is not what you see, buy what makes others see." ~Edgar Degas